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Check In: What Do I Need?

In order to visit Firelands Scientific Dispensary, you will need to have:

  1. An active OMMCP patient or caregiver card (digital or physical)

  2. The valid State I.D. you used when registering for the program
    Valid forms of ID include: unexpired Ohio driver’s license, unexpired Ohio identification card issued by the Ohio bureau of motor vehicles, Unexpired US passport or passport card.

Note: if the patient is a minor, their caregiver must also register in the Patient/Caregiver Registry & the registered Caregiver must also be present. 

On Your First Visit...

We will need you to fill out a brief “New Patient Intake Form”.

Once you have completed this at your first visit, we will save your account. 

New Patient Intake Form

The New Patient Intake Form is required to be completed by the patient and/or caregiver on the first visit to FiSci Dispensary. We will use this information to create an account profile within our systems to better help and guide you through your medical cannabis journey.

Save Time on New Patient Intake Form *You will still need to bring valid forms of ID.*


Save Time & Stay Comfortable!

Order Online or Call Ahead. Our convenient curbside service saves you time. We are Ohio’s only dispensary with a dedicated curbside pickup parking section!

Life in the FastLane

Shoppers can now join the ‘FastLane’ for added convenience, seamless shopping when you know exactly what you want.

One-On-One Consultation

Try a session for free and see which medical cannabis products are right for you. There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.


New Patient Intake Form

Download. Print. Complete and Bring.

Follow the link to print a physical copy to bring completed on your first visit. Save time by downloading the New Patient Intake Form at home, and bringing a completed version to the dispensary on your first visit!

Complete Digitally

Follow the link to complete New Patient Intake Form on your phone or computer. Fill out your New Patient Intake Form from your phone or computer! We can send a digital New Patient Intake Form using intakeQ that you can complete electronically, sign, and return before your first dispensary visit!


Firelands Scientific's Solventless cannabis products are consciously crafted in small batches using zero chemicals or solvents to produce a cleaner, high-quality solventless concentrate.

Truly "Full Spectrum," Solventess cannabis products contain the full terpene and cannabinoid profile unique to the cultivar used, accurately representing the profile of the strain.