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Save Time & Stay Comfortable!

Order Online or Call Ahead. Our convenient curbside service saves you time. We are Ohio’s only dispensary with a dedicated curbside pickup parking section!

Firelands Scientific Dispensary
2344 University Drive E.
Huron, OH 44839

Curbside: 419.616.5114

Now Available
*Must be an existing patient at Firelands Scientific.*

*Make sure you choose
"Curbside Pickup" at checkout*


You must visit FiSci Dispensary physically one-time before we can honor Curbside Pickup.

How to Curbside

How Does Curbside Pickup Work?

  1. Place Your Order
    Call (419.616.5114)
    Order Online* and choose Curbside Pickup

    *Make sure you choose "Curbside Pickup" at checkout*

  2. Call When You Get to a Dedicated Parking Spot
    We have 4 dedicated curbside pickup parking spots (parking map below).


  3. Call the number on the parking sign and provide your first and last name and parking spot.
    (Have MMJ Card, ID, and Payment Ready)


  4. A dispensary agent will come out to the car to collect your documents.

  5. We will place products in your trunk
    (Patients are not allowed to open their packaging in the parking lot.​)

FiSci Dispensary Parking

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